I know, there are some of you who are familiar with my previous work and are saying, "What about the jewelry, collectible designs, coin designs, ornaments, and award statues that you have done?"  My ego may add an archive page one day, but for now I need to focus.  It's difficult to choose what you want to create when you have spent four decades being paid to create art to satisfy a client's specific need: sales, advertising, corporate identity, award or product.

     These sculptures originated in the same vein as my abstracts on the other page: To create beauty for the sake of beauty; To study light and shadow and to imagine the subject as an actual living form that was caught in a moment in time.

     I never want to become so familiar with the human form that I stop noticing the miracle in which it is.  These works are a tribute to that objective. 

The Process

     I work in clay, directly on a wood platten, building thin layers until the clay is approximately 1/2" thick.  Then, carving away carefully, I attempt to maintain visually correct anatomy by playing with the light and shadow of the surface.  This is a challenge when working thin: You must interpret what you see, fooling the eye into thinking the form is much fuller and deeper than it actually is.  I developed this skill years ago while sculpting portraits for collectibles and coins.

     When I am satisfied with the completed work, I create a silicone mold, capturing every detail of the clay original.

     Through years of experimenting and casting, I have created a proprietary blend of powdered metals, stone and resin that replicates a matte-finish white marble.  I pour this mixture into the silicone mold and leave to cure overnight.

     The finished piece is permanently mounted 1/2" above the surface within a deep 8" x 10" display case, which adds to the three-dimensional effect.  These castings are very reasonably priced at $165 each.  Contact me for sales and shipping details.